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Offering fine custom metalwork includes numerous stages of development to see a project through from concept to reality. Our professionalism and expertise in these areas helps ensure a smooth, timely production of projects that consistently exceed the initial expectations of our clientele. Art Metal Studios is a full service distinctive metalworks resource. We invite you to take a quick tour of some of the services we offer.


Our design team prefers to be involved from the concept stage, where possible. In many instances, we are able to make conceptual suggestions that lead to truly creative solutions that otherwise might never have developed. To accomplish this, we often meet with the client to establish their vision of a given project, we then simply expand on their input. All such pre-construction meetings are conducted by master metalsmiths, completely versed in various techniques of past and present. This “direct connection” has proven successful, especially on the conceptual design stages, as no ideas offered will be outside of the realm of possibility. This “direct connection” is carried into the next level of service, design.


Once a concept has been accepted and budget is established, the designer goes to work to develop the concept sketches into working drawings, using a fusion of traditional drafting and graphic arts disciplines. The design is then presented to our customer with their contract documents. Once the contract is accepted, copies of the same drawings become shop drawings during production. For this reason, our designers are themselves experienced metalsmiths. This helps us to maintain a “direct connection” from concept to reality. We also offer consultation services that can be invaluable on larger projects for establishing working budgets and design parameters for potential future projects. Please inquire for details.


During the fabrication or production phase of our projects, each job is assigned a production manager who works with a team of metalsmiths to produce the quality work visualized by the conceptual and design staff. The “direct connection” is maintained in that the designer oversees the production team’s progress, often assisting in actual fabrication where possible. The production team operates in a fully equipped modern blacksmith shop. Production capabilities include hot-forging, power hammering, metal forming, all process welding capability, plasma cutting, repousse’, tooling, machining, painting, powder coating, and metal fabrication in house.


We offer full installation services for our productions. We are fully capable of performing almost any operation in the field that we achieve in our manufacturing facility. Our “direct connection” is maintained in this aspect as well. Wherever possible, the craftsman that was present during conceptual stages of development will oversee final installation. This has had a positive effect in maintaining start to finish quality of the very highest standard.

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